Grow & Learn

Workshops & Classes

Beginning in the spring of 2019, we will be offering several community workshops and a series of healthy, family-centered cooking classes. Check out details below!

Starting in late March, BBAR Farms is hosting a series of workshops on urban agriculture topics for the local community. See our Events Calendar to sign-up!

Raised Bed Repair Workshops  – In collaboration with Capital Area Foodbank the workshops will instruct community gardeners on maintenance techniques for common raised-bed issues such as bed warping/splitting, poor drainage, rotting, and poor soil quality.
Saturday, March 23rd 9am-1pm at National Children’s Center Baby Bloomers Farm
Saturday, April 6th 9am-2:30pm at Allen Chapel Food Pantry Garden of Eden

Community Supported Cooking Classes  – To supplement the CSA for members and their families we will host a series of Cooking Classes and Food Preparation Demonstrations.  Classes will be hosted by local area cooks, chefs and food entrepreneurs.  Each demonstration will include on-site preparation and cooking and attendees will have the opportunity to do hands-on cooking, and taste the final product. Each cooking class occurs during or immediately following C.R.I.S.P. Market CSA share pick-up hours. Pick up your produce and learn how to cook it at the same place! C.R.I.S.P. members get priority registration.

Saturday, May 25th 1-3pm
Saturday, June 22nd 1-3pm
Saturday, July 27th 1-3pm
Saturday, August 24th 1-3pm
Saturday, September 28th 1-3pm

COOKING CLASSES @National Children’s Center
Thursday, May 30th 6-8pm
Thursday, June 13th 6-8pm
Thursday, July 11th 6-8pm
Thursday, August 8th 6-8pm
Thursday, September 12th 6-8pm

Composting Workshops  – Hands-on compost building workshops where residents and community gardeners learn the importance of composting food scraps and recyclable materials in their backyards.  The workshop will provide hands-on demonstrations for household composting and attendees will learn: basic compostable materials; compost-making; pest management; and compost application in gardens.
Saturday, July 13th 10am-1pm at THEARC Farm
Friday, July 19th 10am-4pm at National Children’s Center Baby Bloomers Farm –primarily a 3-bin compost system building workshop
Saturday, October 5th 10am-4pm at Allen Chapel Food Pantry Garden of Eden –primarily a 3-bin compost system building workshop

Herbalism Workshops  – Learn the basics of growing herbs in our region, commonly used medicinal herbs, and effective techniques for harvesting herbs and preserving their medicinal properties.  Demonstrations will include proper drying, oil pressing, and making tinctures and glycerites.
Saturday, August 10th 1pm-3pm at THEARC Farm

Saturday, October 26th 11am-1pm at Allen Chapel Food Pantry

Canning/Preserving & Fermentation Workshops  – Hands-on workshop for residents and community members to learn best practices for storing garden vegetables.  The workshop will provide information on the science of fermentation and the proper way to can and preserve produce for storage.
Saturday in November at THEARC

Honey Harvest  – Hands-on workshop where residents get to observe honey being extracted from the hives and harvested into jars.  Each attendee will have the opportunity to try on a bee-keeping suit and observe the open bee box. Information will be given regarding the honey-making process and each attendee can help harvest honey and honey combs.
 Friday, June 21st 10:30am-1:30pm at THEARC Farm

Check back regularly for more workshop and class details!