Fernando Santos (4Site Support)

Feb 6, 6:18 PM EST

Hello, Jessica!

I’m sorry for the delay! My changes are now deployed to Test Environment waiting for your approval.

This is what I did:

1 – Sidebar is now Sticky.

Sidebar follows the scrolling. This change limits the amount of content you can put to a sidebar. Pages like https://bbardc.org/farm-garden/ (no menu on the sidebar) and https://bbardc.org/event/levine-music-recital-6/2019-02-12/ (has a menu on the sidebar) will be both sticky after pushing this Live. If you see this brings new problems, we can change to make sidebar sticky only when you put links to it.

2 – All Headings has ID parameter assigned to it automatically.

When creating Anchors, we need a place to link to.

Now, if you edit any content (for example, “My Page”) on the website and add a heading, for example, “Fernando Santos,” this heading will get an ID as “fernando-santos.” That way, you can create a link to https://bbardc.org/my-page/#fernando-santos, and that link will point to your Heading.

3 – Sidebar now has Anchors support.

When adding a new sidebar, you see a new “Add Anchor” button (see screenshot).
You need to define a title and the anchor (element ID to the link, the logic is explained on item #2 above).

4 – All anchors links now uses a smooth scrolling instead of a jump when you click.

Some links to test our changes:

Sticky Sidebar, No Menu – https://test-bbar.pantheonsite.io/farm-garden/
Sticky Sidebar, Anchors Menu: https://test-bbar.pantheonsite.io/sticky-sidebar-test/
Sticky Sidbar, Regular Links: https://test-bbar.pantheonsite.io/event/open-house-lee-montessori/2019-02-07/

I’ve also deployed some Gravity Forms Styling to the Test Environment to make your forms look prettier.

Let me know if you have questions.