In Person Workshop

Afternoon Tea with Greenthingswork

Hosted by Kendra Hazel

SATURDAY APRIL 29 11am-12:30pm


Come join Kendra Hazel, the owner of Green Things Work for an Afternoon Tea Tasting! Green Things Work is a plant based and wellness brand located here in Washington DC. The tea tasting led by Kendra will be a fun and interactive event for tea lovers, people who want to learn more about healing with plants, and for those who enjoy challenging their mind and using their senses in present moments. The intimate workshop will include multiple rounds of sipping hand crafted tea made by Green Things Work. Kendra will introduce their luxury loose leaf tea collection in addition to special blends to highlight seasonal herbs and fruit. There will be guided wellness dialogue,interactive tea bag making to take home, and more! We are looking forward to having Kendra join us forthis workshop!

About the Host

Kendra Hazel is a herb enthusiast, urban garden educator, and a plant based chef.

It is her passion to educate, inspire, and show people how to live a more healthy life with a holistic approach. She began her journey of plant based in 2015 as she studied health science at Florida A&M University. It was her vision to teach what she learned in her undergraduate studies and apply them to her real life. Hazel hosted several food tastings that introduced her peers to not only vegan food options ,but also education behind the things that our bodies need and ways to incorporate them daily. It was her vision to continue this path with “Green Things Work” as she graduated in 2016 and returned to her home town Washington DC. 

As a DC native she began to teach herself how to grow her favorite seasonal crops in her neighborhood community garden in Ward 5. Around this time, Hazel also started her role with the local organization City Blossoms, where she became a garden educator. It was her role to teach and educate local youth and adults in DC about urban agriculture. All of these steps have helped Kendra become the woman she is now and she aims to continue out this vision on a deeper level in her own special way. To this day, Green Things Work serves the community with education and hands-on programming, produces wellness products, and healthy plant based food experiences.