Opinion: A bridge-turned-park in Southeast can be a national example of how to reconnect communities

Largely overlooked in President Biden’s economic recovery and infrastructure plan is sweeping effort to reconnect communities divided by urban highways. The $20 billion in aid Biden proposed in his American Jobs Plan would be a historic effort to correct the racism in how we built our highway system and lay the groundwork for reinvigorating neighborhoods… – The Washington Post

How a Washington, DC coalition is using place-based cash relief to advance an equitable COVID-19 recovery

Today’s public health and economic crises have brought long-overdue attention to our nation’s deeply engrained challenges of income inequity, structural racism, and a tattered safety net. Moreover, they reveal how these challenges unfold spatially to concentrate in neighborhoods that have continuously wrestled with economic exclusion, disinvestment, and discrimination – creating an urgent need for place-based solutions that provide relief to the most impacted people in the hardest-hit neighborhoods – The Brookings Institution