11th Street Bridge Park Announces Comcast as Connectivity Partner with In-Kind Donation Valued at $1 Million

“Washington, D.C. – The 11th Street Bridge Park, Washington’s first elevated public park, today announced Comcast as its official “Connectivity Partner.” The company will provide free high-speed internet access, free laptops, and digital skills programming for the park’s anticipated one million annual visitors, and surrounding community. The investment announced today is part of Project UP, Comcast’s $1 billion commitment to help advance digital equity.”

11th Street Bridge Parks’ Scott Kratz on Community Engagement with Public Projects

One of these projects, within the network of the highly successful High Line project in New York, is the 11th Street Bridge Park in DC. Scott Kratz, Director of Building Bridges Across the River, spoke about the project on a panel during Bloomberg’s CityLab conference. In his comments, excerpted here, Kratz addresses the importance of community and local engagement when it comes to altering the built environment, as well as the overall mission of Washington DC’s bridge reuse project. – The Planning Report

Learning from 11th Street Bridge Park’s Affordable Housing Strategies

The Bridge Park has helped found job programs that have already placed over 150 residents in construction jobs, who will be the first to actually build the park. It has also supported people’s training on culinary skills and technical assistance to black owned businesses and provided a total of over three million dollars in grants and loans to help prepare their businesses well in advance before the park opens… – The Urban Activist