Public Art Curator

Department: 11th Street Bridge Park
Status: Contractor
Reports to: Senior Consultant, 11th Street Bridge Park

The 11th Street Bridge Park (Bridge Park), a project of Building Bridges Across the River (BBAR), requests proposals for a contracted Public Art Curator to assist staff, design team members, residents, and other stakeholders in the selection of public art for the Park. The Public Art Curator will work in collaboration with a community-based Curatorial Committee to select a majority of the work that will be commissioned for the Bridge Park. The scope of work includes two phases that take place over approximately 18 months (Phase I: March 2021 – December 2021 and Phase 2: March 2021 –September 2022).

There will be an opportunity for a second contract to manage the fabrication and installation of these projects once dollars are raised by the Bridge Park for implementation. This RFP does not include the fabrication and installation phase.


PHASE I: Hammock Grove
This phase will start immediately upon hire. The Curator will work with the Bridge Park’s staff and design team to select an artist to design hammocks structures for the Bridge Park’s Hammock Grove. This will be a long-term temporary installation on the Bridge Park that will be implemented by the Park’s opening in 2024. The outcomes of this phase include an artist proposal, concept images, and construction-ready renderings. The Curator’s responsibilities include:
• Propose a list of artists to work on this permanent project to Bridge Park staff
• Assist staff and other stakeholders in the selection of the artist by June 2021
• Create a scope of work for the artist
(working with Bridge Park’s staff and
design team to develop parameters).
This scope of work will include guidelines and physical requirements
for the artist, a fabrication budget, context/history of the project and neighborhood.
• Liaise between artist and design team during concept development and approval by the fall of 2021
• Work with the artist to create a model or any visuals needed to convey final concept

PHASE II: Temporary Commissions
Phase II includes the proposal and selection process of multiple commissions that will be implemented during the Bridge Park’s first three years (2024 – 2026). These public artworks are meant to be temporary installations that will be installed in the park for an undefined amount of time. The commissions will include four to six total projects, ranging in scale and budget. Commissions will be inclusive of both physical installations, as well as performative works.

The process of selection will be by invitation and through an open call Request for Qualifications (RFQ). The Curator will lead a community-based Curatorial Committee in the selection of artists for commissions. Selected artists will be invited for a virtual or physical site visit to the Bridge Park (pending support from a NEA grant) to allow artists to learn about the community for which they will develop work. The Curator will be responsible for organizing materials, coordinating tours and meetings, and developing orientation plan in collaboration with Bridge Park staff. After the site orientation, these selected artists will be invited to develop a proposal.

The outcomes of this phase will include artist proposals, and models or any visuals needed to convey the concept for each artwork. The Curator’s responsibilities include:
• Develop, design and initiate an open call RFQ. Create a scope of work for RFQ (working with Bridge Park’s staff). This scope of work will include guidelines and physical requirements for the artist, a fabrication budget, context/history of the project and neighborhood
• Propose a list of artists to invite and outlets to post RFQ
• Send RFQ to other artists nominated by stakeholders
• Lead Curatorial Committee in the selection of artists
• Organize materials, coordinate tours and meetings, and develop orientation plan for selected artists site vists
• Oversee the development of proposals from selected artists
• Lead Curatorial Committee in concept approval and work with artists to refine final

The following must be received by the proposal due date of February 8, 2021 or the proposal will not be considered:
1. Title Page: Proposal subject, the applicant’s name, address, and contact information.
2. Cover LetterBriefly state the applicant’s understanding of the work to be performed, commitment to perform the work and statements as to why the proposer believes that they are the best qualified to perform the engagement. The cover letter should also include
a statement that the offer is a firm and irrevocable offer for 120 days.
3. Personnel Qualifications:
a. Qualifications and Related Experience – Sufficient information should be provided regarding qualifications of the applicant to provide the requested scope of work
b. Provide a listing of past projects, preferably of a similar size and scope with website links
c. References from past projects (at least 3)
d. Experience working on community-centered projects
e. Other staff working on this project and their qualifications
4. Fee: The applicant shall provide with their proposal a total consultant fee and any additional consultant costs that are anticipated, but not included in the fee requested.

To be considered; a proposal must be received via email in Adobe Acrobat PDF or Microsoft Word format on or before February 8, 2021 at 5:00 pm EST at: Women and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to review our website at prior to submitting materials for consideration.

Questions should be directed to Irfana Jetha Noorani, Senior Consultant, 11th Street Bridge Park,

Evaluation Criteria
The below factors will be used when evaluating the proposals.
➢ Responsiveness to Request for Proposal specifications
➢ Proposed fee amount
➢ Qualifications of firm
➢ Qualifications and experience of the staff to be assigned to the project ➢ References
➢ Demonstrated capability to perform the type of work requested ➢ Experience working on community-based projects

During the evaluation process, the Bridge Park reserves the right to request additional information or clarifications from applicants. Bridge Park’s Director and Senior Consultant will evaluate proposals and the most qualified firm(s) will be requested to meet virtually.

There is no expressed or implied obligation for the Bridge Park to reimburse responding firms for any expenses incurred in preparing proposals in response to this request.

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