Equitable Development Manager

Job Title: Equitable Development Manager
Department: 11th Street Bridge Park
Status: Regular, full-time (with benefits)
Reports to: Director of Equity

The 11th Street Bridge Park (a project of the Ward 8 non-profit Building Bridges Across the River) is searching for an Equitable Development Manager to help implement the park’s Equitable Development Plan (EDP.) This critical position builds on work of the last several years as the organization ensures that the thousands of residents who have helped shape this new civic space can continuously benefit from it.This position will manage a new partnership implementing workforce development strategies in collaboration with Skyland Workforce Center (another program of Building Bridges Across the River) and workforce training in four similar parks across the country (Buffalo, Grand Rapids, Dallas and San Francisco.) This position will be responsible for regular coordination with this workforce cohort and serve as the primary point of contact for third party evaluation team from the Urban Institute.In addition, this position will work with the Director of Equity to coordinate other EDP strategies with non-profits such as Manna, Douglass Community Land Trust , Housing Counseling Services, Anacostia Business Improvement District, local universities and government agencies such as the DC Department of Transportation, Department of Employment Services and Department of Housing and Community Development.Around the country, the 11th Street Bridge Park and many like-minded spaces are witnessing the tremendous positive impacts that signature civic spaces can have on residents’ wellbeing and building social capital amongst underserved communities. However, we are also learning from and analyzing the unintended consequences of these investments and the changes that can lead to economic, cultural and physical displacement. In 2015, the Bridge Park worked with hundreds of stakeholders to develop an Equitable Development Plan that addresses how cities can make investments in communities of need without unintentionally displacing the people they are trying to serve. The EDP includes 34 recommendations in four areas: workforce development; small business enterprises; housing and cultural equity strategies. This work has served as a model for other projects across the nation.

A successful candidate will possess: deep knowledge of the communities adjacent to the park in Wards 8, 7 and 6; excellent project management experience; communications and public speaking skills; and knowledge or workforce development, small business enterprises and housing strategies. We are seeking a collaborative individual as we partner with non-profit and government entities.

Responsibilities and Functions include:

o Coordinate new three-year workforce training cohort with four similar parks across the United States
o Working with the Director of Equity, oversee the implementation of the 34 recommendations in the Bridge Park Equitable Development Plan
o Manage collaborations with existing EDP partners ensuring recommendations are successfully implemented and deadlines are met
o Create new partnerships with non-profits and government agencies to implement the Equitable Development Plan recommendations. This will include writing, reviewing and managing collaborative agreements with EDP partners
o Work with Bridge Park Staff to identify and cultivate new funding prospects for the implementation of the EDP
o Thoroughly understand the 11th Street Bridge Park and how it operates; develop a comprehensive knowledge of its mission, programs, outreach and funding base
o Ensure that the activities are in line with the 11th Street Bridge Park’s mission and goals


o Manage on-going community engagement efforts for the EDP including regular public presentations to community groups, business owners, funders and government officials
o Work to leverage EDP recommendations with existing investments / programs in the adjacent neighborhoods.
o Manage Equitable Development Advisory Committee which meets regularly to provide feedback and guidance on the EDP implementation
o Help plan regular community meetings providing an update on the EDP implementation
o Build partnerships with organizations to assist with marketing, programming and outreach

o Work with partners at the Urban Institute to document the implementation of the workforce training cohort
o Track EDP impact quarterly and update infographics on Bridge Park’s website
o Write periodic updates on the Bridge Park’s Blog

Qualifications and Requirements
• Minimum of Bachelor’s degree, Graduate degree in related field preferred
• Experience in implementing workforce development, housing policy and/or small business enterprises strategies, with a particular focus on workforce
• A demonstrated track record of developing community support
• Excellent written (including editing and proofreading) and verbal communication skills are important to this position, including the ability to understand and translate the 11th Street Bridge Park’s mission and interests with clarity, enthusiasm, and effectiveness
• Proven ability to manage a complex budget and project timelines
• Strong research and analytical skills. Ability to investigate an issue, ask thoughtful questions, and recommend possible solutions. Able to build a logical approach to addressing problems by drawing on own knowledge and experience or by seeking other references or resources as appropriate
• Able to set short-and long-term planning goals in line with program priorities and available resources. A task-oriented style, with a focus on achieving clear and ambitious goals. Demonstrated ability to meet multiple deadlines by maintaining a high level of the organization while delivering a high quality work product
• Able to develop and move projects forward with independence and autonomy and maintain attention to detail and thoroughness in completing assigned duties.
• Intellectually curious, creative, and strategic thinker. Able to think out of the box, challenge conventional norms, and try new approaches
• A team player with a high level of energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to the mission and objectives of the 11th Street Bridge Park. A commitment to working in a fast-paced, deadline-driven, collaborative environment with shared goals and appropriate communication and coordination with colleagues
• Sound judgment and integrity with discretion in handling and securing confidential information, as well as the ability to conduct oneself in a highly professional manner as a representative of the 11th Street Bridge Park and Building Bridges Across the River
• Knowledge of and demonstrated proficiency in the use of software (Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook) and the ability to use or learn technology used at the 11th Street Bridge Park
• This position will be expected to participate in evening and weekend programming such as community presentations and regular outreach events on an as-needed basis.


This is a full-time position with a competitive salary starting at $62,000 +and based on the candidate’s experience and reports to the Director. Benefits include vacation / sick days, health / dental / vision and 401(k).

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