Give11 Today

$11, 11 hours – it all counts!

W E L C O M E to the Give11 Campaign. A campaign about YOU and your community. It’s about every hour, every dollar, and every individual pledging support for your community. It’s about demonstrating support for your park. It’s about doing things differently. It’s about working towards justice in your city. It’s about creating a place for all of us.

We invite you to Give Dollars, Give Time, Give11.

Dollars  Time

$11, 11 hours – it all counts.

Join us December 3rd @DACHA Navy Yard to give in person during an extended happy hour.

Why Give

 YOUR support

helps realize your community’s vision for the Bridge Park by continuing programs that have helped:

  • 78 Ward 8 residents become first-time homeowners
  • 41 residents gain skills in leadership and community organizing
  • 388 families receive bags of fresh fruits & vegetables grown in our community
  • 7,000 people champion for a clean river at the Anacostia River Festival

YOU make this happen!

Be the change in your community.


$11, 11 hours – It All Counts
Give11 Today

Dollars  Time

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