It’s Your Chance to Give11

Give11 is an opportunity to grow the power of us. When you Give11, you cultivate the power of your neighbors and shift power to your community. Your support powers the movement for equity East of the River.

 Share your power today. 

We invite you to Give Dollars, Give Time, Give11.


Why Give

Here’s what YOUR support helped us achieve this year:

  • $40,000 invested in online retail capacity of Anacostia small businesses Community Leadership Empowerment Workshops 
  • 387 neighbors’ careers advanced through construction and soft-skills training
  • Invested $25,000 in community programming for Black creatives and entrepreneurs
  • 150 families received fresh fruits and vegetables grown in our community weekly 
  • Engaged hundreds of neighbors in programming celebrating the history, culture, and power of the community 
  • 96 Ward 8 residents empowered on the path to homeownership 
  • 258 units across DC were made permanently affordable through the Douglass Community Land Trust 

YOU make this happen!

SHIFT Power, EMPOWER Neighbors, POWER UP the movement.

Give11 Today.

Give11 Today