Grow Local, Eat Local!

Empowering the Capacity for Food Ownership

We are seeking ways to empower residents living East of the Anacostia River to turn their food economy from grey to GREEN!

East of the River Food Web

Building Bridges Across the River is developing an interactive web-tool of food resources that account for a hyper-local consumers, sellers, and distributors. The goal of this interactive web-tools is propel residents living East of the Anacostia River into healthy eating, product development and food related business that contribute to a green food economy in Wards 8 & 7. Our objective in creating this tool is to curate a database of resources, fact sheets, training video, manuals, DIY instructions, and other beneficial tools residents can use to take food ownership into their own hands. And, our objective in deploying this tool is to empower residents seeking exposure, engagement, education, employment, and/or entrepreneurship in the food and green workforce sectors. These sectors include agriculture and food production, nutrition education and food processing, food distribution, and closing the loop in food recovery. These four components make up what is called a food hub. There are many versions of food hubs, check out the USDA Food  Hub Resource Guide for more information.

THEARC Farm and seven Bridge Park Plots are a collective of interfaith-non-profit agriculture collective focused on urban production and production education using the food hub as the foundation of our web theory. The majority of the production sites within the collection have co-located commercial and production kitchens, early learning and early childcare centers, and serve as food pantry distribution sites. And, the collective engages in small scale composting with larger support from Compost Cab and plenty of potential to grow across the entire web. The tools has a hyper local focus, providing resources, activities, and educational opportunities in Ward 8, East of the River, Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia, and the North East Region, respectively.  The activities we will track and assess the connections residents use, create, and grow in food system education, in apprenticeships, and from organizations providing other essential and specific wrap around services more easily and readily accessible.

Stay tuned! More information will be available on the East of the River Food Web Project in 2019! If you are interested in volunteering on this project, please visit our volunteer page to sign up or contact Dr. Ashley Milton at