About our CSA

Q: Is the CSA free?

A: SNAP, WIC, and Produce Plus recipients are eligible for a discounted price share and volunteers may be able to take home some produce, depending on availability, after working at one or more of our farms and gardens.

Q: Where is the CSA pick up site located?

A: Pick up sites & days for 2019 are still being determined. Check back in March for updates!

Q: What is a CSA?

A: Community Supported (or Sponsored) Agriculture programs provide fresh produce and other farm goods directly from local farms to their surrounding communities, usually on a weekly basis during the growing season. CSA members pay for their shares (like buying stock in a company) ahead of each seasonal session, and receive a grocery bag of local, seasonal produce each week of the session (like receiving dividends from stock investments). The upfront payments allow farmers the capital needed to start the growing season and provide customers with fresh produce for the Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions at reduced cost.

Q: How do I sign up for the CSA?

A: Individuals can sign up for our CSA by completing an online or in-person application.

Check our CSA page in April to sign up online!

About Getting Involved With Us

Q: How can I get involved?

A: You can volunteer at any of BBAR’s farms and gardens by visiting the volunteer information page.

Check back in March to sign up online!

Farms vs. Gardens

Q: Don’t farms have animals?

A: Often times yes, however considering the space limitations in urban settings like ours, ‘farms’ refers to an agricultural space with forty or more crop beds while ‘gardens’ have fewer than forty beds. Nevertheless, THEARC Farm has had a flock of chickens in previous years, and is currently home to three beehives.