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Equitable Development Plan Public Comment

The 11th Street Bridge Park is requesting your review and feedback on the third version of the Equitable Development Plan. The goal of the Bridge Park’s Equitable Development Plan is to ensure that the park is a driver of inclusive development—development that provides opportunities for all residents regardless of income and demography. Please note that submissions are open till September 20, 2023; click the links below to comment on a specific area. All comments are welcome, but we are specifically interested in feedback on the following areas:


The 11th Street Bridge Park will create and improve opportunities for affordable, available, and accessible housing options in neighborhoods surrounding the Park.


Workforce Development

The 11th Street Bridge Park will increase the number of East of the River residents who have consistent, quality and livable wage/salaried jobs and opportunities for improved employability surrounding the Park.


Small Business Enterprise 

Local small businesses provide wealth-building opportunities and increase jobs for residents as well as enhance the vibrancy and uniqueness of a neighborhood. The 11th Street Bridge Park is committed to supporting new and existing local small businesses surrounding the Bridge Park both directly and through partnerships with economic development organizations.


Arts & Culture Equity

The 11th Street Bridge Park will serve as a platform to celebrate the history and culture of communities on both sides of the river and in particular to amplify the stories, culture and heritage of neighboring African American residents.


Health & Wellness 

DC is held up as one of the nation’s healthiest metropolitan areas, but a closer analysis reveals this is not true for the entire city. When assessed at the local level, residents East of the River experience much higher rates of physical and mental health challenges than those in other parts of the city including a lack of access to fresh foods, safe outdoor space and the degradation of the natural environment. Through the following strategies, the 11th Street Bridge Park aims to address the health inequities in the communities surrounding the park.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Equitable Development?

Equitable development is a positive development strategy that ensures everyone participates in and benefits from the region’s economic transformation—especially low-income residents, communities of color, and others at risk of being left behind. It requires an intentional focus on eliminating racial inequities and barriers, and making accountable and catalytic investments to assure that lower-wealth residents:

• live in healthy, safe, opportunity-rich neighborhoods that reflect their culture (and are not displaced from them);
• connect to economic and ownership opportunities; and
• have voice and influence in the decisions that shape their neighborhoods.

Definition provided by Policy Link, 2016

Who Can Comment?

Anyone! All are welcome to submit a comment.

What Should I Include in My Comment?

We encourage you to review and provide your feedback on our third iteration of our Equitable Development Plan.

Who can I ask if I have further questions about the Equitable Development Plan?

Please reach out to our Team at