Building Generational Wealth East of the River

Closing Cost Assistance Program

In Partnership with MANNA

The 11th Street Bridge Park’s (Bridge Park) Ward 8 Home Buyers Club is a unique program that was initiated in response to our community’s identification of home ownership as a key priority, as outlined in the Bridge Park’s Equitable Development Plan. In 2015, the Bridge Park formed a partnership with MANNA Housing to fund a new chapter of their successful Home Buyers Club for residents living east of the Anacostia River, particularly in Ward 8.

Closing Cost Assistance Program Application Process will begin late May 2022.

How it Works 

  • Priority to Ward 8 residents 
  • 100% MFI or lower
  • Must be a member of Ward 8 Homebuyers Club and meet attendance requirement*
  • Complete “First Time Homebuyers – HPAP” workshop 
  • Applicant must currently be working with MANNA housing counselors
  • Must have a ratified contract.

After selected, the funds will be disbursed to the recipient 3 days before closing. 

Applicants must submit their application to MANNA (Angela Aparicio, 


Hear from participants of the homebuyers club:

Thank you to GEICO for bridging the gap to homeownership with your support of the 11th Street Bridge Park Closing Cost Assistance Program.

Thank you to our Bridge Park Champions for supporting the Ward 8 Homebuyers Program: Target, TD Bank Foundation, & Kaiser Permanente