Southern Illinois University Carbondale Architecture Students Envision Bridge Park!

Written by Scott Kratz

This past summer, students from the Southern Illinois University Carbondale architectural urban design class visited Washington, D.C. These future architects toured the site of the future 11th Street Bridge Park with Director Scott Kratz and spent the fall creating their own vision of this new civic space following the rules set out in our nation-wide design competition brief. Please see below for their work. A HUGE thank you to Professor Michael Duwain Brazley for inspiring tomorrow’s designers!


Artistic Voyage combines the naval tradition of the Navy Yard with the artistic tradition of the Anacostia community. It is a naval approach to the African art tradition.


  • Chong Min Jeong
  • Garrett Israel
  • Hunter Wilson
  • Ken Howder
  • Thaddeus Andry

Hybrid Culture: To promote the healthy adaptation of both cultures into a more connected and more productive state of mind through the seasonal and daily needs of both cultures with design of a dynamic and adaptable space that will continue to develop over time.


  • Eric Secrist
  • Danny Zimmermann
  • Sean Ryan
  • Aline Lima Santos
  • Caroline Rezende
  • Eric Okerstrom

Organic Design is Bridging the Gap By using organic design and social events we intend to bring the people of Anacostia and Washington DC.  In a nature filled environment, the people will be able to come together in one place to play, eat, learn, and relax. While the river may divide these two areas, this bridge will connect the two areas connecting the gap.


  • Donovan Holle
  • Mario Bertacchi
  • Michael Kraft
  • Eric Gonzalez
  • Esmeraldo Carmona