Community Land Trust Update

Written by  Vaughn Perry

In 2015, the Bridge Park staff worked with community stakeholders to create an Equitable Development Plan – an effort to ensure that this new civic space is a driver of inclusive development. One of the housing recommendations that most resonated with the community was the request to form a Community Land Trust (CLT) in the neighborhoods around the park.

The creation of a Community Land Trust helps permanently preserve housing affordability for nearby residents, enable residents to stay and thrive in their neighborhoods and increase community resources. Additionally, the land trust amplifies residents’ voices by providing safe, secure and affordable housing that is driven by community input.

Over the past 6 months, we hosted two well attended public forums, and numerous smaller meetings, to ensure local residents are shaping this effort. We held a panel at the Anacostia Arts Center last November and in March we produced a community event at the Anacostia Playhouse. These events provided an overview of Community Land Trusts and their benefits and provided a venue for community members to engage with CLT representatives from across the country.

As we work with our colleagues at City First Enterprises to stand up the CLT, it is important to ensure that local residents are heard. To that end, we recently convened our first Community Land Trust Advisory Committee meeting that featured a presentation from Brenda Torpy, CEO of Champlain Housing Trust. We would like to thank Brenda for sharing lessons learned from one of the oldest and largest CLTs in the country.

Special thanks to the committee members that include:

  • Sheldon Clark, Ward 8 resident
  • Kymone Freeman,  WeAct Radio
  • Kim Harrison, Director of Constituent Services, Office of Ward 8 Councilmember Trayon White Sr,
  • Sam Jewler, Bread for the City
  • Akaii Lineberger, Ward 8 resident
  • Brett Theodos, Urban Institute
  • Reverend Willie Wilson, Pastor – Union Temple
  • Claire Zippel, DC Fiscal Policy Institute
  • Christie Garner, Ward 8 Community Advocate
  • Morgann Reeves, Ward 8 resident
  • Kiesha Davis, Ward 8 resident
    For more information on the CLT, please contact Vaughn Perry –