BBAR Farmers

Dominic Hosack recently took the role as Farm Director for Building Bridges Across the River (BBAR) in Southeast DC after previously serving 3 years as Farm Manager.  Dominic moved to the District of Columbia 6 years ago to study food access and nutrition as a graduate student in public health.  During his studies, he became interested in the practice of urban agriculture and began a farm internship with DC Greens to learn the art of growing in the city. The experience as an urban farmer led him to leave graduate school and pursue farming and food access work full-time.  As a farmer, he is most focused on soil health and the use of composting and crop rotation. Outside of the farm, Dominic likes to spend time in nature with his wife and two daughters.


After working on THEARC’s Facilities team, JJ Boone came on board as a Garden Associate in 2014, at the start of THEARC Farm’s third growing season. From CSA Manager to Distribution Manager to Production Manager to now THEARC Farm Manager, JJ has risen through the ranks of the farm team, inspiring community members with his infectious dedication and down-to-earth sense of humor. By Spring of 2019 JJ will be a certified DC Beekeeper, adding apiarist to his dossier of urban agriculture expertise. Along with farming, JJ enjoys designing and displaying his eclectic fashion line with friends and family.


Cafini Z is an organic gardener, budding aromatherapist and former holistic health and life coach, currently enthusiastically serving as BBAR Farms’ Program Associate. This role puts her passion for connecting people with plants and nature at-large, and dedication to improving quality of life in her hometown to good use. Cafini supports the Farm Team by helping coordinate activities at the bridge park plots and liaising with other urban agriculture-focused partners. Cafini has completed a year-long organic gardening apprenticeship in Barnet, Vermont, a two-year community herbalism apprenticeship based in Maryland, and plans on becoming certified in permaculture design in the fall of 2019. When not working with plants, Cafini can be spotted delivering meals around the DMV via UberEats.